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The 360° guilt-free restaurant guide!

A guide to the best choices in popular restaurants, to help you stay on track and enjoy nights out without breaking the calorie bank!

Take control of your intake even when out socialising with this handy guide to some of the most popular restaurants.

Enjoy nights out knowing you are making the best food choices possible and staying within your calorie range without having to cook for yourself!



A good idea to skip out on the high calorie, high fat fries and instead opt for a salad on the side. But the burgers contain a good amount of protein and won't break the bank. Also the Homeslaw and Corn with chipotle butter come in at less than 70 Calories. Avoid the milkshakes!

  • Classic Small, 533 calories

  • Classic Small with American Cheese, 595 calories

  • Chicken Satay, 552 calories

  • Chicken Classic, 445 calories

  • Chicken Classic Small, 360 calories

  • Vegan Classic Small, 406 calories

  • Californian (vegan), 503 calories

  • Falafel, 508 calories

To study the menu yourself click below, the 10th column to the right is the start of Nutrition per serving rather than per 100g, the first column is KJ not calories so don't panic!

See GBK's full nutritional info here!


Everyone Loves a... Harvester

The Salad, is a great way to boost fibre and lots of micronutrients. Be warned though, the Dressing can pack ALOT of calories! So add a small amount or opt for the low fat dressing they offer!

  • Simply Grilled Chicken served with buttered peas, 399 calories

  • Grilled chicken breast wrap, 455 calories

  • Feel Good Bowl (roast vegetables, grains and leaves), 308 calories

  • Fish pie, 437 calories

  • Lemon and Herb Peri Peri Tofu and Pepper Skewers, 519 calories

  • Grilled fillets of Sea Bass with a Lobster and Prosecco Sauce, 464 calories

  • Crackerjack Prawns of the tapas menu, 293 calories

They have an amazing nutritional guide that is easy to follow so you can build your perfect meal! Click below to see it in all it's tabulated glory!

Click here to view Harvester's full nutritional info.



A great resturaunt with lots of nutrition packed dishes! Try to head away from the traditional chicken and chips and get creative! Some of the salads are delicious and just as indulgent as chips but with the fibre and vitamins that are lacking in plain ol' fried potatoes!

Click below for the full info and find some low calorie options here:

  • ¼ Chicken Breast - plain, 323 calories

  • ¼ Chicken Leg – plain, 245 calories

  • Chicken Butterfly - plain, 332 calories

  • Grilled chicken pitta, 396 calories

  • Sweet potato & Butternut burger, 449 calories

  • Supergreen burger, 405 calories

  • Veggie Cataplana, 515 calories

  • Fillet Steak & Chargrilled Veg Pitta, 449 calories

  • Caesar Salad with Chicken Breast, 422 calories

  • Grains and greens Salad with Chicken Breast, 327 calories

  • Corn on the Cob, 144 calories

  • Macho Peas, 141 calories

Check out Nando's nutritional info here!



A great place to share a starter and a glass of wine and enjoy a main from their great choice of sensible menu options!

  • Skinny Pizza range (Skinny Margherita, Skinny Pepperoni Campagna, Skinny Gamberone & Chorizo, Skinny JackFruit Italian Hot, Skinny Pinoli), all under 550 calories

  • Skinny Salad, 25 calories

  • Spaghetti Pomodoro, 551 calories

  • Spaghetti Bolognese, 508 calories

  • King Prawn Linguine, 498 calories

  • Ravioli di capra, 494 calories

  • Risotto Funghi, 439 calories

  • Risotto Pesce, 520 calories

  • Risotto Pollo Funghi, 537 calories

  • Vegan Spaghetti Pomodoro, 553 calories

  • Vegan ‘Beetballs’ Polpette, 235 calories

  • Chicken & Proscuitto Salad, 333 calories

  • Super Zucca Salad, 572 calories

Click here for all the info!



Avoiding the deep fried potfuls of some Japanese food makes Wagamama an excellent choice for lots of healthier options!

  • Sirloin and shitake salad, 455 calories

  • Chicken harusame noodle salad, 441 calories

  • Tofu harusame noodle salad, 437 calories

  • Pad Thai salad, 345 calories

  • Seared Nuoc Cham Tuna, 517 calories

  • Kare burosu, 585 calories

  • Chicken Ramen, 476 calories

  • Chilli Prawn & Kimchee Ramen, 514 calories

Click here to see menu & nutritional information.



What a fantastic array of low cal options at Prezzo! With good amounts of proteinic each meal this resturaunt shows that it cares about consumer health! Click here for more information.

  • Grilled chicken breast with mushrooms, 384 calories

  • Chicken Primavera pizza with side salad, 524 calories

  • Goat’s Cheese and Aubergine pizza with side salad, 554 calories

  • Pancetta, Pea & Mushroom Penne, 492 calories

  • Spicy Prawn & Basil Pesto Penne, 506 calories

  • Penne Arrabbiata, 501 calories

  • Aubergine Penne, 554 calories

  • Lobster and Crab Ravioli, 510 calories

  • Chicken, bacon and avocado salad, 512 calories

  • Beetroot Puy Lentil Salad, 321 calories


Pizza Express

Think you can't enjoy a delicious pizza and stay on track..... Think again! Pizza express have their great Leggera range with less than 600 Cal per pizza they are a delicious option low in calories but high in satisfying flavours. They also have some great starter that come in with great nutritional values. See below for some good choices or click here to build your own meal!

  • Leggera pizza range (Leggera Pollo ad Astra, Leggera Padana and Leggera American Hot), all under 600 calories

  • Peperonata, 542 calories

  • Leggera Superfood Salad, under 500 calories

  • Bruchetta Originale, 362 calories

  • Garlic King prawns, 289 calories

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