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Welcome to the 360° Family

We believe that a 'whole' approach to health is essential. The Triad of Physical fitness, correct Nutrition and a balance of Wellness are key to being as healthy as you can. This system minimises stress, allows proper rest and recovery and is vital to be your best. This is the 360°ethos.  


120° Fitness

When starting a new fitness regime its vital to find something that suits your lifestyle and your needs. With 12 sessions of bootcamp, run outs and PT sessions available with flexible timings. The sessions vary day to day to keep you motivated and excited to push yourself!


120° Nutrition

Setting targets around weight-loss relying only on exercise will rarely get results. Having a realistic calorie goal and some Macro targets to hit, either daily or weekly will help you reach where you want to be - happily and healthily. 

Other tests can be offered if necessary and results can help tailor your bespoke diet plan. 


120° Wellness

Wellness talks, activity days within the community. Stretch and Meditate classes. All as part of the programme. The techniques taught encourage a balanced, harmonious mindset a have the greatest positive impact for your life. Ease stress, anxiety and allow yourself to become calm in a busy world.

Jemma Davis Intro

Jemma Davis


My back ground in Molecular Biology, and being a black Belt Martial Arts Instructor, alongside Personal training qualifications, means I have a good knowledge of how a body works but also understand each person is completely individual, what works for you is because of who you are! 


This was the underlying driving force to start 360!

1) To aim to give access to all children high quality care and coaching

2) To develop programmes with some of the best coaches/ professionals around to deliver exceptional schemes to children of all ages.


The 360 Team


Idriss Kimtcheu  Well-being Lead 

With Idris, 360 has devised a programme delivering wellbeing advice for children. Through fun and engaging sessions that focus on mental well-being. caring for others, and social media awareness (linked to self image). 


Gurchetan Hayer
Martial Arts/ Ops Lead

A qualified Black Belt Martial Arts Instructor with a passion for teaching discipline in a fun and respectful way! Hayer is also in the Operations team and works with our schools to ensure everything runs smoothly.


Livvy Smith
Dance Lead

Livvy has worked with 360 to devise a Dance scheme that provides Nationally recognised grading. She is the most passionate and caring instructor who really makes Dance fun for everyone!


Rory O'Connor  
Behavioural Specialist  

360 and Rory have worked hard to devise a strategy for making our programmes really work for all children!  Rory has worked in a multitude of settings as a behavioural specialist and has a way of engaging even the most disengaged children into 360 classes! He is also a great Sous Chef and heads up our pizza sessions with the children! 


Cadie Rayner
LSA and Senco Lead

Cadie is a qualified LSA specilising in supporting children with SENs. She is fun, caring and a great leader when we require knowledge on how best to support the children who have additional needs! 


Steph Foulds
QT and Chef Lead

After working as a Primary School teacher, Steph wanted to do more to include her passion for Food within her career and has become our Chef Lead, cooking delicious nutritious meals, working alongside 360 to plan and implement delicious food for all the children we serve! 

What people are saying...

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Enrichment Days

360 Vision have delivered a bespoke, engaging full day programme of activities for our Year 7 and 8 students. There is an excellent mixture of physically engaging activities, along with reflection activities to suits the needs of all students. The 360 team are excellent with supporting the students through the day and bring a real buzz to our community when on site.



Having trained with Jemma for a year in bootcamp session I felt I had plateaued in terms of my health. I had a consultation with some 1-2-1 sessions and Jemma pinpointed three main actionable changes to my nutrition and lifestyle. Following the plan I felt stronger, had more energy and fell back in love with exercise again! 




After a complicated birth that was followed bur numerous issues my fitness was not where I wanted it to be. Jemma trained me as an individual taking into account my needs at the time. I am now getting stronger healthier, and more confident again! 

Our Locations

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