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10 tips to balance out the festive indulgences this Christmas time!

Updated: Jan 18, 2021

This year has been tough on most! So don’t deny yourself the usual treats, instead treat yourself smart with these clever tips to keep things delicious and fun! While setting you up for a successful 2021 by minimising the excess calories and upping the anti-oxidants!

Moderate exercise boosts immunity - your increase in blood flow causes changes in antibodies and white blood cells (WBC). WBCs are the body's immune system cells that fight disease. These antibodies or WBCs circulate more rapidly so they could detect illnesses earlier than they might have before. Now more than ever it is vital to give our bodies the best chance to fight infections. Not only due to covid as there are many viruses that increase in prevenlency in the Winter months.


1. Make a plan and stick to it!

It’s easy to put exercise on the back burner when there are so many other lovely activities over the Christmas period! But remember, a plan written down is far more likely to succeed. Not only that if you schedule in an early morning run or a walk with friends in advance, the time is already set aside. With all the extra calories consumed and generally heavier food, a good workout will improve digestion, and keep your energy up to party through to New Year!

2. Consider planning a walk on Christmas Day!

The time before Christmas Lunch is a perfect opportunity to get out and get some steps in before the festive feast! Activity over this time is always down, and relaxation in important but fresh air and gentle exercise on the day will minimise the excessive calories, improve mood and get the children away from Screens!

3. Shop smart!!

Calorie content counts, don’t sacrifice your favourite foods now is not the time! But when choosing dips and nibbles try to add in some low calorie options. Think Salsa dip, Crudites, and Tzakziki dips. Alongside Pigs in Blankets and Mince pies of course! Its all about balance and if you do the festive time shop you are in control. ALWAYS CHOOSE LOW CALORIE DRINKS!

4. Join a bootcamp or Gym now!

Don’t wait until the new year, this week is the ideal time to get out and get some workouts under your belt. Any exercise now is benefiting you tomorrow! It will be easier to stay on track with some encouragement from a group of people with similar goals!

5. Take up running

Now we have a great couch to 5km run school that happens on Sundays. 360 have a running programme that we designed to support newcomers. Coach Iain who loves to take the newbies heads this up with the Coaching team so that those who want to build up distance, pace or improve form can attend these sessions on a Sunday and work up to the longer runs that we also do. As a group we also offer off course OCR type run outs and these are another way to really push yourself and trying new activities that are out of your comfort zone is a great way to boost confidence and also keeps running interesting!

6. Zzz...

Counter intuitive when talking about calorie burn right? But actually adequate sleep works wonders for your body, reducing cravings for high calorie foods when tiredness kicks in (think those 9pm biscuits). Also reducing cortisol levels and increasing mood. This time of year stress levels should be at an all time low, but lots of the time people are highly stressed with everything there is to do! This year prioritise sleep and reducing stress. Increase the peace!

7. Get 'old school'

Enjoy some ‘old school’ activities with the family. Things like hide and seek and Twister will go a down so well with all members of the family (maybe not twister for Granma and Grampa) and they will get you out of your post meal slump far more effectively than sitting playing on the computer. A great way for all the family to incorporate a little movement together.

8. Keep the sweet tooth in check

Now, by no means is sugar the devil some would purport. However, most prepackaged goodies and even savoury foods contain a lot of unnecessary sugar. Try when you are baking to swap sugar for sweeteners. Or use natural sweeteners such as dates (which contain plenty of fibre). Never omit something you enjoy from your diet completely. Coach Charlene is a making whizz and we will be sharing some festive recipes for sweet treats over the next few days!

9. Stay Safe

It goes without saying this year has been very hard being so far away from friends and loved ones. However, at the present time, Covid 19 is still prevalent so stick to the rules and keep yourself and loved ones safe. Keep to the rules and stay socially connected with being physically distant.

10. ENJOY!

Last but not least enjoy every moment! This is an opportunity to say farewell to a very unconventional year and celebrate those so precious to us. Reach out to family and friends and let them know how much they mean to you. Gratitude goes along way in increasing happiness and it costs nothing! Enjoy your Christmas time! And thank you for your continued support!

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