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Why 360 is right for you

It's about you, qualifications, emotional intelligence and passion that are provided though the 360 programme help people get the best from their efforts and give you optimum support with your journey.

The bests starting point is a conversation, what are your goals, where are we starting from in terms of your fitness journey? What has bought you to the decision that you want to make a positive change?

My back ground in Molecular Biology, and being a black Belt Martial Arts Instructor, alongside Personal training qualifications, meansI have a good knowledge of how a body works but also understand each person that trains is completely individual, what works for you is because of who you are and part of what I offer is a bespoke plan that recognises this.




What is 360Vision

Understanding that a 'whole' approach to health is essential. The Triad of Physical fitness, correct Nutrition and a balance of Wellness are key being as healthy as you can. This system minimises stress, allows proper rest and recovery and is vital to be your best. This is the 360 ethos.  


Setting targets around weight-loss relying only on exercise will rarely get results. Having a realistic calorie goal and some Macro targets to hit, either daily or weekly will help you reach where you want to be - happily and healthily. 

Other tests can be offered if necessary and results can help tailor your bespoke diet plan. 


When starting a new fitness regime its vital to find something that suits your lifestyle and your needs. With 12 sessions of bootcamp, run outs and PT sessions available with flexible timings. The sessions vary day to day to keep you motivated and excited to push yourself!


Wellness talks, activity days within the community. Stretch and Meditate classes. All as part of the programme. The techniques taught encourage a balanced, harmonious mindset a have the greatest positive impact for your life. Ease stress, anxiety and allow yourself to become calm in a busy world.


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