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Workplace Wellness is a vital part of having a productive workforce.This initiative aims to improve health and productivity in a sustainable way, via both behavioural change and investment by the organisation. 

Increasing employee satisfaction was achieved through workouts which build community spirit. Inclusion is paramount and all fitness levels are welcome with regression and progression options available in all Basic workout plans. Optional Nutritional Support and 1-2-1's with staff. 

Real time efficacy tracking through MyZone Technology.

Psychological testing available on request through Great Minds for Business.

Media packs to put on wellness boards. Plus monthly newsletters and so much more! 

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of Health

Effective for SME's just embarking on their wellness programmes

Bi-Weekly Fitness programmes delivered during lunch hours -Suitable for all levels of fitness.

Basic nutrition and wellness advice.

Wellness media pack with tips and infographics to display, inspiring,  educating and encouraging healthy choices.

Monthly Newsletter with tips and inspiration for all members.

Free MyZone membership with purchase of MyZone Belts (Tier 1 discount).


£45 pppm

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Your Healthy Future

The next step in Employee Wellness

Includes all the Basic plus:

Detailed Nutrition goals for all members

Weight tracking and Body metrics upon request.

Invitation to periodic self defence classes.

Periodic Employee Satisfaction Surveys to all staff.

Invitation to Annual Team Build Event (Extra cost)

Optional free MyZone membership with purchase of MyZone belts at discounted rate (Tier 2 discount).



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360 Degrees of


The highest standard for those who want to give their staff the optimum package

Everything in Basic + in addition to:

1-2-1 Health Consultation for every staff member. 

Optional periodic Psychometric testing, in collaboration with Great Minds for Business. 

Annual Team Build Event

Free MyZone membership with purchase of MyZone Belts (Tier 3 discount).


£99 pppm

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