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Summer School

We have run successful Summer School for students of all ages! Incorporating every aspect of health and well being. Enabling students to find their confidence. Forge friendships and engage with your school culture over the Summer

Our Story

Whole health is a full circle, without one of the components you are only partially ‘fit’. There is a knowledge gap presently that means many children and adults aren’t educated in how to be their best. 360Vision wishes to provide an above standard PPA cover that changes just that.


To deliver Summer Camp Childcare to school aged children, teaching them simple but effective lessons that improve fitness, wellbeing and enhance their knowledge regarding optimum nutrition for health. 


Provide fun, engaging and effective Summer Camp Provision during school holidays. Ensure children have sessions that fit in with their curriculum, encouraging those who can push further than NC targets but making sessions accessible to all. Encouraging movement and skills within their body, and promoting body, and spacial awareness. 

Making learning fun and engaging, enhancing their school learning and taking feedback from all teaching staff to become a world leader in Summer Camp.


Over the past 3 years we have worked hard with teaching staff, head teachers and sports providers.  360Vision has listened, learned and acted upon the feedback we have had. Adapting our programmes and sessions to provide this ‘whole person’ solution to health. Employing coaches from all sporting backgrounds that have found their path to health and wellness. Providing a plan that has been overseen by health professionals, head teachers, and parents alike. This labour of love is something we believe can change the world. 

Our Activity Leads

Our Clients

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